Social device stage play, House of the meeting, Hostels etc.
Library, Adult Education Centre , Pre-Primary, Primary, Middle School, High School, Technical Colleges, Another Colleges, Medical College, Agriculture College, different Educational institution, will be run for all public and students.

To provide economical help, Scholarship prize, Certificates, Books, Note Books,
By way of help, for their development any to needy public and students.

To train home industries for the needy public and women. To run sewing skill center Sewing industries and painting etc.

To support being came under crisis the public, and also mentally unable and handicapped and to run the Society for them.

To train to the unemployment for obtaining the employment and to give help for securing the employment and to guide for them.

To make the different programs ( Chair table show ) under rule of trust Act for the programme of the society.

To run the industrial institutes for the city and rural, helpless and clever students.

To arrange different Games and competitions of cultural programs.

To train milk business, Poultry and also to device the different programme being came under social welfare.

To obtain the plot place for the said objectives of the society.

To assist needy their relatives of the freedom fighters.